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Amien Lincoln - Pretoria, South Africa

I was born into a Muslim family, inherited from my maternal side. It was in my teens, because of my mom’s early passing, that I chose to stay with my father rather than with my mother’s surviving family. It was then, with the influence of my father who was a Christian, that I eventually came to forget (not forsook) my birth religion, Islam. And so, with the continual prayer and support of not only my father but the entire Christian community where I grew up, I came to know the Lord Jesus as Saviour at the age of 24. It was then that I came to understand more and more that with without forgiveness of sins that I still am at enmity with God and deserving of His wrath, but more importantly that there is no forgiveness of sins without the shedding of blood, and in particular the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. God then extended His grace even further in my life by choosing me to be a minister of His Gospel. And so I studied at the Baptist College of South Africa, Randburg, and earned a Bachelor of Theology in 1996. I have pastored 2 churches. I am married to Glynnis with 4 children.