Latin America


Andres Garza


Regional Director, Latin America
Monterrey, Mexico

Andres is an ordained pastor in the National Presbyterian Church in Mexico and an Architect with a master’s degree in Urban Planning. He grew up in Monterrey, Mexico as a Catholic and came to know God in college through his now wife, Ruth. 

He worked for the government of several cities as a city planner for about 15 years before earning a masters degree of Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC in 2006. He returned to Monterrey, Mexico to serve as the team leader for MTW in the Church Planting Movement, establishing a Church Planting Center to plant churches in 27 cities in Northern Mexico. After many years of working together with Redeemer City to City as an affiliated network leader, he accepted the call in 2015 to lead CTC's efforts in global cities throughout Latin America in order to see a larger vision for gospel-centered, kingdom-minded and multiplying churches.

His wife is Ruth is also a city planner. She is developing a church planter’s wives' ministry. The Garzas have two daughters, Lissete and Priscila.