FokusBasel is a new congregation in the heart of Kleinbasel (little Basel), Switzerland. Basel is a beautiful city with a deep need for new gospel-centered churches. The church's vision is to help locals experience new meaning in Christ, in a culture where indifference to or neutrality about church is common. They have gathered as a community of believers and hope to establish a vibrant church in a strategic part of Basel. 

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  • Basel is a city of 270,000, with 2 million in the metropolitan area. There are 150 nationalities represented. Less than 3% of the population attend worship services regularly.

  • The city sits on the border of Switzerland, France, and Germany, and is home to many powerful banking and pharmaceutical companies, as well as the world-famous Art Basel.

  • FokusBasel currently meets as a core group and plans to launch public services on March 22, 2015.

  • Kleinbasel is on the north side of Rhine River and has 50,000 inhabitants.

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City to City Projects Update

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Bearing Christ in the Land of Banks, Watches, and Chocolate

When I tell people from other countries that I am Swiss and planting a church in Basel, the conversation often changes to at least one of these topics: mountains, banks, watches, chocolate, or cheese. We all know these Swiss stereotypes. I have to admit that they apply to Basel, but not exactly in the way you might think.

Three Days in Basel

Until I met Judith and Leo Dietschy at the 2013 City to City International Intensive in New York City, the city of Basel registered solely as Roger Federer’s hometown. Judith’s smile and Leo’s intensity and enthusiasm brightened many a crazy workday. It also helped that they were planting a church in Roger’s city!

The Idols of Neutrality and Efficiency

Perhaps when you think of Basel, or Switzerland as a whole, you think of political neutrality. Many peace negotiations are conducted in Switzerland. This neutral mentality influences people's views on the church.