Taipei Church Plant Holds First Worship Service

After two years of planning and gathering a core team, the Taipei 101 church plant held its first public worship service on November 28th with 130 people attending.

The lead planter of this church planting project is Gordon Huang.  In 2007 he met with Jay Kyle, RCPC's Asia Director for church planting. Jay says, "It was a rainy day.  I had pulled out a map of the city of Taipei and Gordon was talking about his vision for planting churches along every stop on the bullet train - a train that runs through Taiwan from north to south.  I pointed to a spot right in the center of downtown Taipei and said, 'What if you planted a church in the middle of the city?'  Apparently, I pointed to the exact location of the 101 Building in downtown Taipei - which is where the 101 Church is meeting."

The 101 Building, by the way, is the tallest skyscraper in the world and the 101 Church is named after it.  The church will hold services on the 52nd floor of this famous structure and hopes to reach marketplace leaders and business executives who work in the heart of downtown Taipei.  The mission statement of the 101 Church is:  With fervent expectation of God's Kingdom on earth, we purpose to reach the key influencers of the nation with the gospel of Jesus Christ.