Why Beta?

Perhaps you noticed the "Beta" next to "Redeemer Church Planting Center" in our website header. Why is it there?

Well, in short, Redeemer Church Planting Center - which has existed for the last 10 years - is now part of a new, larger organization called Redeemer City to City - 501(c)3 organization that exists separate from Redeemer Presbyterian Church. It contains not only all of RCPC's current functions but also the publishing of Redeemer content - videos, studies, papers and books. Although the name "Redeemer Church Planting Center" will go away, all that RCPC has done, and will continue to do, will fall under Redeemer City to City.

We're not fully prepared to launch Redeemer City to City's new website, however. We'll be ready by the end of the summer, and then will have a real launch with an entirely new design.

Until then, in this beta site, we want to offer you (our friends) some of our core content here at rcpc.com (where you are right now) and give you a head start developing our web community. Please be a part of it. Come back regularly, create a profile (all profiles will be searchable when we re-launch in the fall), download content, blog with us, and above all - let us know at info@rcpc.com what functions and content you would like to have but don't see yet. All of the content will transfer over with the new site design, so nothing you contribute here will be lost. It will just look a whole lot better.

Thanks for your support & dedication to church planting and the renewal of your city. We join with you in this endeavor,

Redeemer Church Planting Center

soon-to-be Redeemer City to City