Welcome to Redeemer City to City

Redeemer Church Planting Center is now Redeemer City to City.

We focus on church planting for the renewal of global cities and content resources for leaders who want to bring the power of the gospel to every part of life. We seek to catalyze and serve a global movement of leaders who create new churches, new ventures, and new expressions of the gospel of Jesus Christ for the common good.

We hope you will explore our new website.  It features:

NewsBlogs and Training programs relevant to church planting.

Resources and Publications designed to help any ministry worker or serious layperson to live out the gospel in their communities and lives.  

+ Anyone can Register and create a User Profile to download resources, or post a blog or blog comment. You can also join our FacebookTwitterVimeo or Flickr channels via the links on the home page, or share any page of the website with your friends via the links on the other pages. Finally you can subscribe to RSS feeds for the entire site, for all blogs, or for blogs by a specific author such as Tim Keller.

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We are constantly working to make this website more helpful, beautiful and usable for you, the church planter or gospel practitioner in the city.  Write us anytime with comments, questions, suggestions or prayer requests at info@redeemercitytocity.com.

You can click on the left margin throughout the site to view a short video explaining who we are.