Lausanne Congress and Urban Church Planting Conferences in South Africa

The motto for the Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, a global conference first convened in 1974 in Lausanne, Switzerland, is “the Whole Church taking the Whole Gospel to the Whole World.” This week, the third such global gathering to ever take place will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, with 4,500 delegates attending from all over the world. 

CTC will be actively participating in the conference. Tim Keller will deliver an evening plenary entitled "What is God's Global Urban Mission?" CTC senior staff Al Barth will also be leading a Dialogue Session on "Developing a Gospel Ecosystem in a Global City," and Mark Reynolds will be presenting a "Case Study on the Movement in New York City."

Also this week, CTC will be co-hosting two Urban Church Planting Conferences in Cape Town and Johannesburg with a network of South African churches. Tim Keller will be speaking to pastors and church planters in each city on the topics of "The Priority of Churches," "Urban Churches and Contextualization," and "The Gospel and Culture," with an evening event open to all church members. All talks will be made available on following the events.

For more information on Lausanne, see:
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worldwide movement 
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For more information on the CTC events in Cape Town and Johannesburg, visit