The International Intensive 2010

This year we hosted 13 church planters in New York City for the International Church Planter Intensive Training. They were from the cities of: Athens, Belfast, Bucharest, Buenos Aires, Cd. Victoria (Mexico), Dublin, Durban (South Africa), Kuala Lumpur, London, Paris, Prague, Tokyo and Toronto.  

The Intensive is always an important time for everyone at CTC. Most of the year, the CTC staff is somewhat dispersed so that coaching and assisting can happen in church planters' actual cities. It's important to us that we know the specific context and culture of every church planter. But in the fall, the church planters come to us, and for 5 weeks we are all together with them.

One reason to bring church planters to New York for this program is because of the disorientation that occurs when in a foreign place. Many models of education emphasize the importance of disorientation for people when learning - that it tends to soften one to new information.

This particular group of church planters became very close - another important aspect to the Intensive - and left New York City to return to their homes cities and either begin planting or continue on with a church plant in public worship services. Here are some things they said upon ending the program:

"What helped me most was getting the big picture of the city-growth model.  Classes, visits to churches and personal time with staff allowed me to see how Redeemer is contextualizing ministries to attain the grand city-vision." 

"This has been hugely significant for me ... Before I came, I was pretty unsure about where to take the church plant. This has given me a lot to move forward with."

"The constant emphasis on gospel renewal dynamics and working that out contextually has both renewed and challenged me. The joy and generosity of the Redeemer team has been a great experience."

Find out more about the International Intensive here.