Now Available: The Reason for God DVD Project

On October 15, Redeemer City to City and Redeemer Presbyterian Church released The Reason for God DVD curriculum. Published by Zondervan and based on Tim Keller’s 2008 New York Times bestselling book, The Reason for God, this film and accompanying discussion guide can help Christians address common questions about Christianity.

The DVD takes a unique approach to apologetics. After The Reason For God came out, Redeemer received many requests for follow-up materials from churches in the United States and Europe. They asked how to adapt TRFG for small groups and classes to learn how to answer sensitive questions about Christianity – questions like, “Why does God allow suffering?” and “How can God send people to hell?”

While brainstorming about how to present this material in a small group study format, the creative team at Redeemer City to City thought of this: gather together a group of individuals who are exploring spirituality, yet skeptical of Christianity, and ask them to participate in an actual group discussion led by Tim Keller. These conversations would be unscripted and filmed.

There existed no real reference point for a project like this except for talk show interviews (which are largely scripted) and reality TV (which is made for entertainment value). So the concept put Redeemer City to City in a bit of uncharted territory.

With recommendations from the Redeemer community and Redeemer’s surrounding church plants in New York City, the project’s production staff selected eight willing individuals to be filmed over a series of sessions with Dr. Keller spanning two months. The result is six 20-minute episodes that combine live group conversations with private, candid interviews with each participant.

The team behind this DVD project hopes to achieve two things: 1) to help Christians respond to objections about their faith in a winsome and intelligent way and 2) to model how to host a group for those who may be exploring.

New York City filmmaker Andrew Hunt directed this project and Sam Shammas served as creative producer.  The curriculum is now available on our website and selected stores.