CTC Europe Convenes in Budapest

The network of churches connected to City to City Europe (CTC Europe) continues to grow and develop maturity. From October 12-14, 2010, about 110 Church Planters and Pastors from leading cities in Europe gathered in Budapest to share ideas and discuss topics of interest related to church planting in the cities of Europe. The event served as a milestone in the development of an urban church planting movement across the continent.

All the plenary speakers were European, and the agenda was planned and driven by European categories and topics of interest, with sessions focusing on the theme of “next steps” for church planting. Some of the topics addressed were identifying idols of the city, moving beyond the initial struggles of planting a church, and the future of City to City Europe. You can download audio and video recordings for many of the presentations on this page.

A unique moment took place at the end of the conference when everyone stood in a large circle preparing to take communion together. The one who was leading said, “Standing in this circle are representatives of nations on this continent that have often gone to war throughout our history, but today we stand as one because our unity in Christ.” It is hard to capture the emotion of that moment. Hungarians, Germans, Russians, French, British, Romanians, Italians, Spanish, Dutch, Irish, Czechs and Slovaks, men (and women) that in other generations would have been compelled to kill one another for the sake of their earthly kings were standing as one, together in service of the one true King who rules over all.