New: Gospel in Life Curriculum

Redeemer City to City  and  Redeemer Presbyterian Church  HAVE JUST released a new video-based curricula called  Gospel in Life .  With over 200 pages of text and an EXTENSIVE  additional reading  list, This intensive study 

looks at how the gospel can change your heart, your community ., and how you live in this world  The topics covered are:

Session 1 City-The World That Is
Session 2, Heart-Three Ways to Live
Session 3, Idolatry-The Sin Beneath The Sin
Session 4, Community-The Context for Change
Session 5, Witness-An Alternate City
Session 6, Work-Cultivating the Garden
Session 7, Justice-A People for Others
Session 8, Eternity-The World That Is To Come  You can find the trailer, sample study, or order online at  the new website . For a limited time, churches can network CTC Obtain a special 50% discount off list prices of all; contact  for more details.