Building a Missional Workplace, Part 2: Industry Prayer in Worship Gatherings

One of the important ways that our church is helping to integrate the gospel into the whole of a person's life is by spending time in our weekend worship services praying for God's kingdom to come in the various industry fields that dominate New York. We simply invite those who work in a particular field to stand, and we acknowledge them and what they do, while a person within that industry shares a brief testimony of how God is at work, then prays for all who are standing that represent that field in the city.

Here is an example of one of the prayers written and prayed by a member of our congregation in a weekend worship service. He works in advertising, and asked people to stand who work in advertising to receive grace and the Spirit's empowerment through this prayer.

Trinity Grace Prayer for the City - the Advertising and Marketing Industry

Lord, we come into your presence and pray for your hand to be felt mightily in this city.  We lift up the industry systems in New York City which drive our culture and economy.  Today we pray for the advertising and marketing industry, which weaves a fabric of messages and products encompassing the cultural environment of our lives. We pray for these culture making forces which are lined up on Madison Ave, in Soho, in Chelsea, and elsewhere to be transformed today for your kingdom. 

We offer up to you the ad agencies, the PR firms, the media companies, the corporate marketing departments, the interactive shops, the design studios, and more to all be shaped according to your purpose. We pray for the range of consumer communications to have a positive impact on our society. We pray for the creation of inspired messages, visuals, and marketing plans to that can have an uplifting effect on the world, over those efforts which merely manipulate emotional desires and push corporate profits. 

Father, we pray for all of the industry people who play a role in developing and producing brand communications. May our work paths be filled with integrity and a wise appropriation of the talents you've gifted us with. We pray for all in our church community - the account managers, media buyers, creatives, planners, managers, and sales people - who make up part of the small minority of believers in the industry. May we pursue a work life filled with character and your values amidst a work culture that can easily push us in other directions. May our identity be centered solidly on you as we strive for positions of influence and reputation within our industry. And in this rapidly shifting industry, may you open wide the right doors to align our career paths to support causes that will better the world. We pray for your hand to shape our work lives to fulfill our purpose in you, and for your presence to be felt in our lives in extraordinary, powerful ways this week.

We ask this in Jesus' holy and precious name,



What these sort of prayers communicate to people in a congregation, is that they matter, their jobs matter, and that God is with them and for them as they seek to live for him all week. Holding this up every week as we gather to worship as God's people from across the city, sends a message that we are in the city, and that God is for the city, and that our church cares about the city as a whole.

Below is an email that someone in our church sent after we prayed for kingdom renewal amongst educators and education systems in New York.

"I just came back from the Chelsea service and I was really touched by the prayer for teachers.  The guy that prayed at our service touched upon EVERYTHING that I was struggling with.  I was amazed and encouraged by God's grace.  Thank you for mentioning my name.  I've really been struggling for a long time with teaching here in the city, especially this week.  It's been tremendously rough.  There's been lots of crying and I am not a cryer.  It's caused me to doubt a lot of things and I've become so burdened, but this week God really pressed upon me "putting on the armor of God" and taking "every thought captive and making it obedient to Christ".   Thank you for remembering me, you will never know how much it has encouraged me spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  Have a wonderful week."

May God envision you to offer prayer for your city as a whole, bless those in your congregation who labor faithfully in it, and give us his heart so that we too love this great city.