Kreuzbergprojekt Begins Public Worship

 In 2006, a church plant started in Berlin called the Berlinprojekt. Four years later That church has grown to several services in Berlin and Also has Launched two daughter churches. This month, its 2 nd  daughter church, Began Kreuzbergprojekt public worship in Kreuzberg, one of the best-known areas of Berlin. Its first service was acerca Attended by 60 people. It is a very transient area with many artists, and for a long time it was Considered the home of the punk-rock movement.

 The lead planter of Kreuzbergprojekt, Fridtjof Leemhuis, was part of Berlinprojekt leadership before being commissioned to the daughter church plant. Also Frid PARTICIPATED in the 2008  Fall Intensive  in New York.  

You can find out more about Kreuzbergprojekt  here .