Church Plant in Kuala Lumpur Begins Public Worship

In March, a new church plant in Partnership with Redeemer City to City Began public worship in Kuala Lumpur, the largest city in Malaysia.   The project is named City Discipleship Church and is led by Pastor Kay Hoe.

Pastor Hoe was Recruited for this project and is currently being mentored by Reverend Wong Fong Yang, a Malaysian minister who Attended the  Fall Intensive  in 2008.   The six-week course ended up being pivotal in Pastor Wong's life, Both in personal his understanding of the in his gospel and gaining a passion for church planting That I took home to Kuala Lumpur. 

Upon returning to KL after the  Fall Intensive , Pastor Wong, with God's help, has Initiated the planting of two new Malaysian churches including City Discipleship Church.   Jay Kyle, CTC's Asia factotum believes Manager These two projects "will be outstanding churches That have a reaching impact in Malaysia for years to come. "

To learn more about CPDC go  here .