Hamburgprojekt Now Worships in Local Music Club

Hamburgprojekt, an offshoot of the Berlinprojekt, was launched in 2008 by church planter Daniel Bartz in the heart of Hamburg's downtown music scene (where the Beatles famously got their start). 

As their website explains: "If you look around the hill district, by Eimsbuttel or the Grindel quarter, you will see a lot of people 20-40, students, professionals, singles, etc .... Many of these people have interest in spirituality and the Christian faith. But unfortunately there are hardly any religious services that are responsive to them and their issues. If, however, there are new churches where these people and their questions would be taken seriously, they would come.

True to form, since launch the church has outgrown its facilities, and has been praying steadily for a new space to continue to accommodate more people. As of May 9th, God has provided a uniquely appropriate new home: a well-known music club, which will now open its doors every Sunday evening for church services. It is a suitable venue for the Hamburgprojekt as they continue to devote themselves to their mission to be a "church for the city." 

You can see more pictures of the new venue on Hamburgprojekt's Facebook page.  If you want to make a donation to the Hamburgprojekt, please make your check payable to Redeemer City to City, 1359 Broadway, Suite 1102, New York, NY 10018 and write "Hamburgprojekt" on the memo line.