City Church Planting Networks Grow in the UK & Ireland

Networks of churches committed to church planting are emerging in the UK and Ireland in cities such as London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Dublin. All of these networks are being led by local leaders and are creating their own plans for coaching, training and funding church planters and church planting projects. 

Since 2004, the staff of CTC has assisted with the planting of several churches in London, working with Andrew Jones in the East End (Grace Church Hackney), Simon Dowdy in South London (Grace Church Dulwich), Peter Harris in Camden Town (Camden Town Church) and Kruger de Kock in Southwark (Canada Water Church).  Recently both of the churches started by Andrew and Simon are giving birth to new churches in neighboring communities.  CTC has also been honored to partner with many of London's leading churches and networks such as Co-Mission led by Richard Coekin, Holy Trinity Brompton, All Souls Langham Place, St. Helen's Bishopsgate and New Frontiers International on conferences and training events. Most recently, Tim Keller spoke at a series of well-received talks, many of them about his book The Reason for God, during an evangelistic cross-denominational campaign called Passion for Life.

What's happening in London is a good example of an emerging movement of church planting which will become fully self-sustaining and multiplying. For the time being, however, funds are still needed for the UK & Ireland church planters and for continuing leadership development.  

Please pray for the different denominations and networks as they work together for the advance of the gospel in their cities. Pray also for the church planters, and the challenges of planting and evangelizing a predominantly secular post-Christian society.