Church Plant Update From Rome

Leonardo di Chirico has recently launched a new church plant in Rome called Breccia di Roma; see our previous article on Leonardo here.  The name means "Breach of Rome," referring to a breach in a city fortress, allowing the gospel to go forth in this ancient capital.

What does proclaiming the gospel look like in 21st century Rome?  Among other things: 

+ Preaching through the book of Esther, and on what it means to live in the City of Man today, with all of its challenges and risks, with integrity and hope in God's provision.

+ Offering a Christianity Explored class to nonbelievers.  

+ Hosting Brazilian missionaries for a year of ministry.

+ Aiding Afghani refugees with their needs.

+ Hosting a flute and harp concert to praise God with classical music, and inviting neighbors to enjoy a free concert.

+ Marching for religious freedom in a democratic country so identified with the Catholic church that other denominations and religions are often marginalized.  (Italy today is about 2% Protestant.)

For more information, or to view a short video about the ministry (in Italian and English), visit Breccia di Roma's website.