Información no es lo mismo que transformación (davisfamily05)

Every year I read the Bible [with the help of the plan The Bible in a Year]. I'm ashamed to say that I do not read every day, but I'm pretty consistent. I usually be late a day or two. The other day I was stressed because I had not read the last three days. I sat down and just started reading trying to read in 30 minutes what had to be read in 3 days. 

At that moment I felt as if God had asked me:  Justin, do you believe that information about me is equivalent to the transformation that I want to bring to your life?

During the past three years, I have read the Bible with the plan Read the Bible in a year, but I love more those around me?, Do I have a greater ability to forgive? I'm more patient, kinder, gentler today than three years ago? Or am I simply gathering information as if it alone meant transformation? I know a lot about Jesus. Know much about the Bible. I know a lot about what it means to be a Christian? - But I know changes me 
you We have greater access to Bibles and sermons to blogs and devotionals, conferences and retreats, to paper books, audio and electronic formats, and web pages than any generation throughout history - but perhaps that makes us change? Is all this information is something we trasnformando you or me [personally]? 

The disciples had very little information [to it]. According to our standards, did not have much chance of success. They did not have an instruction manual nor online customer service. They went to a mountain and Jesus began to float will rise into the sky and said,  "Go into all the world, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you baptize people, disciple them, and I am with you-if only in Spirit, for now I go to heaven. "

With so little information started a revolution. But this revolution I want to be a part, has not resulted in a go acquiring more information than the desire to be transformed? If I'm honest I have to say yes. 

These are the things I should remember today:

I need more information to have a better marriage - Io I need is to be a husband who loves his wife more. 

No more need to stop being a resentful person - what I need is to choose to forgive again and again to offend me. 

No more need to grow in faith - what I need is to cede control assumes that I have on my own life. 

No more need to have deeper friendships - what I need is to be a better friend to my friends. 

I need more information to know the will of God - what I need is to apply to my life what I already know about God. 

When you and I exchanged information by a simple transformation, we are limiting ourselves to a number of external changes but can give us the feeling of being closer to God, the truth is that they are not making any real change in us.