Church Planting Fellows Graduate

The 2009 - 2010 class of Church Planting Fellows Program graduated from the CTC Year Long Fellows program a couple of weeks ago.

The church planters are Walter Sotelo (pictured here with Tim Keller) and Guy Wasko.  Both of these gentlemen will begin - or have already begun - church plants here in New York City.  

Guy Wasko is planting in the East Village in association with Trinity Grace Church.  Presently, the church plant is gathering a strong core group and meeting on Wednesday nights.  Of his experience in the Fellows Program, Guy says, 

"I know of no better process to aid in acclimating to a city like New York.  The program helped me form a collaborative network for training and provided me with a city positive environment to hone a church planting framework than Redeemer's City to City Fellows program. 

The thought, best practices, theology and skill gained through this gospel-centric program would've taken years to replicate on my own. As a result of my participation as a Fellow I am encouraged as a Christ follower, strengthened and empowered as a church planter and resolved all the more to see the Kingdom come through a new church in the East Village of Manhattan."

Walter Sotelo will be planting in the neighborhood of Inwood, Manhattan.  He says, "I waited for 9 years to have the incredible opportunity to be trained under Dr. Keller and the Fellows Program with City to City.  The invitation finally came to me this past year.  The monthly interaction with Dr. Keller was a once in a lifetime privilege. Sitting down with such a brilliant man of God and asking the questions that you could not ask during a sermon or seminary was priceless.  

As a New Yorker, I have benefited greatly by the practical theological and philosophical training offered by our leaders in the Fellows Program as well.  They have let me know that I'm part of an important movement to renew New York City with the Gospel.  Overall the Fellows Program has re-enforced my character, competence and commitment to plant a new church in Inwood.  Ask people questions about what they believe, find out what they are searching to belong to, and help them to come to grips with what they want to become. This is what Redeemer Church and City to City has done."