Metropolis Now

Foreign Policy Magazine has just published its own Global Cities Index, as well as a photo essaywith arresting images of the world's 65 largest, most influential and interconnected cities.

As the related article notes, "Asia-Pacific financial hubs such as Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Sydney, and Tokyo are leveraging globalization to spur an accelerating Asianization" of global influence, and "the world order [is going] to be built on cities and their economies rather than nations and their armies."

According to FP, the top ten global cities were:

1     New York
2     London 
3     Tokyo 
4     Paris     
5     Hong Kong 
6     Chicago 
7     Los Angeles
8     Singapore
9     Sydney 
10     Seoul

The complete article, index, and photo essay can be accessed at:

+ Global Cities Index 2010
+ Article: Beyond City Limits
+ Photo Essay: Metropolis Now