Secular University in Amsterdam Appoints Chair of Church Planting

In 2008 the Redeemer Church Planting Center (now Redeemer City to City) supported me to work on different aspects regarding church planting in the Netherlands and Europe. One of the things I worked on together with Dr. Stefan Paas was establishing a Chair at the Free University in Amsterdam for research and academic training in missionary community formation in a secular European context. 

We are very thankful for the support of Redeemer City to City, and are happy to announce the start of the J.H. Bavinck Chair this month. 

Martin de Jong, Amsterdam 


Dr Stefan Paas has been appointed as extraordinary professor of church planting and church renewal on the new J.H. Bavinck Chair at the Vrije Universiteit (Free University) in Amsterdam.

For the next 5 years he will coordinate research and academic training in missionary community formation in a European context.

The J.H. Bavinck Chair will be connected with a network of church plants and emerging communities in the Netherlands. This network will serve as a location for training new church leaders, and as a laboratory for research into contextualized Christian communities in the very secular context of the Netherlands.

Paas will combine his new position with his other job as lecturer in missiology at the Theological University in Kampen, where he conducts a Missionary Master program.

Paas is an experienced evangelist. He has also worked for 7 years as a missionary consultant, helping traditional churches to innovate their mission. He has also been involved in two church plants in the Netherlands, and written several books on evangelism, church renewal and church planting.

He, his wife and their three children live in Amsterdam, where they are involved in Via Nova, a new church plant of the Christian Reformed Churches in the Netherlands.

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