Preparing to Launch in Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world, and the largest in the Americas, with a greater metropolitan population of over 20 million.  While it is known for recent violence and large-scale protests, it is also a beautiful city with enormous avenues, museum-filled Chapultepec Park, business and shopping districts, and the seat of government of the 11th largest economy in the world.

Victor Cruz, one of the participants in our 2009 Fall Intensive, was part of a church plant in Cuautla, Morelos for ten years before coming to the United States for further seminary training.  After completing a D.Min. at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando and a program in counseling at Mars Hill Graduate School in Seattle, Victor and his family have moved to their target neighborhood in Mexico City, called Condesa-Roma, a cosmopolitan neighborhood near downtown.

Mexico City is home to a diverse population, from a large and wealthy expat community to many rural poor migrants. It faces the challenges of many global cities, including inequality, political unrest, rapidly changing social norms, and the global economic downturn.  Please pray for Mexico City and for an expansion of the movement of the gospel there.

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