Your Feedback Was Heard

Back in June, we rolled out a user feedback forum to collect ideas and votes on how to improve this website. Thank you to all who participated.

A few new features that have already been implemented on the website:

+ Foreign characters should now display correctly throughout the site and RSS feeds.
+ Listings in our Resource library now specify if the resource is an MP3 or PDF.
+ You can now sign up directly to receive monthly digests of the website on our Contact Us page.

Also in the works are:

+ Improve the look and usability of the church directory
+ Show participating, unlisted churches how they may be listed in the directory
+ Have named URL's, like / aboutus
+ Improve blogging functionality
+ Make more resources available in foreign languages

The feedback period has ended, but you can always send comments, questions, and suggestions for this website to info @, or visit our Contact Us page.  And stay tuned for more changes!