City Summit: Buenos Aires and São Paulo

Together, São Paulo, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina have a population of over 24 million people. What happens in those two cities radiates into all of Latin America and also the United States. 

Earlier this year, Christianity Today profiled a remarkable movement happening in Buenos Aires, where hundreds of evangelical churches are partnering in an inter-denominational Council of Pastors. In the past few months they have partnered on a city-wide evangelism movement, sent their first missionary to North Africa, and even collaborated with the Catholic Cardinal in Buenos Aires. 

Recently we have been excited and privileged to have the opportunity to partner with this Council. This May, we hosted our first City Summit: Buenos Aires, when four representatives of the council came to New York and met with CTC staff and other ministry leaders to learn from one another and develop a vision for a gospel ecosystem in their city - that is, reaching cultural and civic leaders in those cities through new churches to generate spiritual and social change.

This August, 10 more leaders from from São Paulo and 2 from Buenos Aires came for anotherCity Summit: São Paulo, this time centered around Brazil's largest city. Osni Ferreira, former director of Redeemer Church Planting Center, was on hand along with many of the leaders he is collaborating with in São Paulo. 

Please join us in praying for these leaders as they envision a new future for their cities.