The International Intensive: Class of 2011

Every September, CTC welcomes about a dozen church planters from different global cities to New York for our annual International Intensive. This four-week program is a time for church planters who are getting ready to launch to spend some time away from their ministries and cities and reflect together on how to approach them in a gospel-centered way.  They also build relationships with each other for support, friendship and accountability.

This year's class consisted of:

Albert Tate - Los Angeles
Alexandros Pipilios - Athens
Alastair & Julia Sterne - Vancouver
Dave Furman - Dubai
Keith Case - Miami
Marcelo Robles - Buenos Aires
Marco & Diana Rizo Escalante - Mexico City
Mez McConnell - Edinburgh
Phaedra Seraphimide - Athens
Randrianjkohary Tanteraka & Mahefatiana Andomampionona - Madagascar
Rikko Voorberg - Amsterdam
Samuel & Carol Foucachon- Paris
Samuel Kim - Beijing

This year's class was able to spend time with church planters and staff from Redeemer Presbyterian Church as well as participate in worship services, special events (such as a Center for Faith and Work event with Michael Gerson and Gideon Strauss), and CTC's annual Open House.

You can read about last year's program here.  Of the 2010 class, several have now launched churches while the rest continue to work towards a launch date.  Please continue to keep them in your prayers!