How to Handle Being Home for the Holidays

This week we noticed a home for the holidays theme in our church planters' blogs, so rather than repost one or all three of them, we decided to highlight each of them and their unique perspectives on being home for the holidays. Chances are you'll find something to relate to in at least one of them.

1. Need some help for spending time with non-Christian family this Christmas?

Neil Powell, network leader and planter of City Church Birmingham, gives some practical advice and a book recommendation for those attempting the delicate task of sharing one's faith with family members.

2. Difficult Family Holidays

Rev. John Haralson, senior pastor at Grace Seattle, addresses how to make the best of time with family when our relationships with family members are strained at best. He reminds us to remember what is good and fallen in both our families and ourselves.

3. Why My Perfect Family Is Better Than Yours!

Finally, as usual, Mez McConnell of Niddrie Community Church in Edinburgh made us laugh with his spoof of the annual family newsletter, which unconsciously (or consciously) can begin to sound like a list of accomplishments.

God bless you and yours this Christmas.