The Gospel Coalition and Christ and City event

From April 12-14, The The Gospel Coalition will be meeting in Chicago for their bi-annual conference (registration and details here). Immediately following, a special post-conference event called "Christ and City: A Call for Renewal" will take place on April 14. 

The post-conference will be a catalytic half-day event on city-renewal and gospel ecosystems. This event is free for ministry leaders, pastors, church planters and the general public. If you are interested in attending, please register now at

How do we reach our cities with the gospel?
Tim Keller will speak on “Reaching our Cities With the Gospel,” expanding on the concept of gospel ecosystems introduced at Movement Day in New York and the Lausanne conference in Cape Town.  Click here to view a portion of the Lausanne talk or read the white paper.   

Some of the concepts the conference will explore include:
1.    What are some of the elements of a gospel ecosystem?
2.    How can we work together to sustain gospel movements in various areas including: church planting, training, mercy and justice and cultural leadership?
3.    How does a gospel ecosystem relate to concepts of personal, church and city renewal?

The talk will be followed by workshops by key city leaders focusing on four areas: a) preaching, b) church planting, c) cultural leadership and d) training.  Speakers include Eric Mason, Darrin Patrick, Makoto Fujimura and Jeff Vanderstelt.

Tim will conclude the half-day conference by addressing the topic of Generous Justice from his new book.

The Christ and City event is intended to begin a conversation among ministry leaders from North American and global cities on this multi-prong strategy for reaching cities.

The conference is designed in cooperation with Redeemer City to City, The Gospel Coalition,Hope for ChicagoThe Chicago Partnership for Church PlantingVerge Network and The Legacy Movement.  Please join us in Chicago for this exciting event.