Network Rallies to Aid Japan

Ten days after a massive earthquake and tsunami struck northern Japan, many have evacuated or left the country, but the local church community has been actively involved in the relief efforts.

CTC's Director for Asia, Jay Kyle, was in Hong Kong when the earthquake struck, with plans to visit Tokyo soon after. After much prayer, he and his wife Maureen decided to continue on with their plans and arrived Saturday with 100 kilos of blankets and over $20,000 donated from church planters in Hong Kong and other Asian cities. They will be in Tokyo for the next few days.

The relief efforts are being coordinated through a group of Christians partnering together calledCRASH Japan. Grace City Church Tokyo's Assistant Pastor Seima Aoyagi, MTW missionary Roger Lowther and others have now completed ten relief trips to deliver large truckloads of supplies to the north. In just one example of the coordination of relief efforts, Roger Lowther's home has become an Onigiri Factory, with neighbors helping to make 1,047 rice balls (rice with some sort of filling wrapped in seaweed), which were delivered to emergency shelters up north this weekend. Recipients have been amazed to see these volunteers coming into the area despite the danger while so many others are fleeing.

In Jay Kyle's words, "In such a time as this, it is critical for the Church to lead out in caring for the hurting. Grace City Church Tokyo is in the center of this effort mobilizing Christians and non-Christians in caring for the hurting and devastated of Japan. It is really serving to see the Church at work and living out the gospel."

To give directly to the relief efforts of Grace City Church Tokyo, click on “Online Donation Tohoku Kanto Earthquake” from the home page of the church website:

Thank you for your prayers!


Editor's note: The giving information has changed. To give to the eathquake/tsunami relief work, make a check payable and mail to:

Presbyterian Mission International (PMI)
12330 Conway Road, St. Louis, MO 63141
Attention: Seima Aoyagi (Tsunami Relief)

* Please put 'Tsunami Relief' in the memo line.