Advance 2011 Conference in Raleigh

Next week in Raleigh, NC, a partnership of churches will host Dr. Tim Keller, Darrin Patrick, and others to discuss how the Gospel can transform churches in the New South.

The church in the South has always had a strong presence, but it has also been on a steady decline for the past several decades.  Hubs like Raleigh-Durham are growing in size and becoming increasingly secular and materialistic. At the same time the demographics of the South are changing, such that new churches and new ministry models will be needed to address them. 

Advance 2011 asks the question, 

Is it possible that the reason the Church has lost its credibility and prophetic voice is that its Christians no longer believe the Gospel? The Gospel turned the ancient world of the Apostles on its head. It transformed the most unlikely of people into fervent ambassadors for God, while making enemies of both the secular and religious establishments. In contrast, the Church in many places today has become a part of a dying tradition that neither challenges the culture nor attracts the skeptic. Even in movements founded on Biblical truth, a pervasive legalism and moralism has eclipsed the explosive power of what God did for the world in Christ. The Church is in a moment of crisis. There is only one thing that can restore the revolutionary power of God to the Church: the Gospel.

Advance '11 is for anyone interested in the Church, advancing the Gospel, or understanding Biblical Christianity. The conference is open to people in ministry, lay leadership, or anyone from various denominations and backgrounds concerned with the future of the church in the South. Speakers will include Tim Keller, Alan Hirsch, Eric Mason, Darrin Patrick, Danny Akin, J.D. Greear, and Tyler Jones. 

The conference is being sponsored by Advance the Church, a partnership between Vintage21 Church and Summit Church in Raleigh. Register at For questions please email