Lloyd-Jones and the efficacy of preaching today (Tim Keller)

Lloyd-Jones said in a clear way that the main task of the ministry of the church should be preaching Bible-preaching transfer the meaning of the biblical text in the midst of the gathered community.

However, the main objection is to the preaching in our time, is a pragmatic objection. It's the one that says: "It will come! Nowadays people just do not come to hear the preaching. "In recent years, it has developed an entire field of work that tries to distinguish between a ministry of" attraction "and a ministry of" incarnation. " The attraction model is that Christians bring people to hear the gospel within the four walls of the church. The model emphasizes incarnational Christians we disperse and go beyond the four walls of the church to love and serve in the community, and you talk to people about the gospel in the midst of their daily lives (see Alan Hirsch Michael Frost, The Shape of Things To Come ).

We can not address the whole issue here. But an obvious answer to this is that [somehow] may serve as both methods to reach people, but what is at issue is much more than a [Simple] question of method. People in favor of the model incarnation usually anti-institutional, often in a rather naive way. Not only belittle buildings but also the idea of strong, centralized leadership, as well as organizations and large-scale meetings. But without any institutionalization, no permanence or stability possible. (And in fact, what just happening in such churches that emphasize incarnational model is that they are very small and do not last more than a few years).However, those in favor of the model of attraction, especially in the American context, may be making a concession to our consumer culture, attracting people through a lot of programs specifically designed to provide the "client" with a whole select range of options to cover what he perceives as their needs.

Interestingly, since the model of incarnation, preaching is reconfigured in the form of dialogues or lectures [whose nature is not] didactic or authoritative. So it would seem that speak of "primacy of preaching" vote is de facto a church whose model is attractive. However, the type of preaching that Lloyd-Jones practiced and urges us to consider not fit the model of church that is geared to consumers. His sermons were very theological, and required serious concentration from the listener. 

Anyway, if you end up doing the preaching center something in your ministry, in fact expect the public ministry of the Word and is attractive in itself will attract people. It is just at this point that the Doctor throws himself to the main objection - "will not come". Steadfast says, "The answer is yes come and actually come ..." Now the Doctor spoke of his own ministry in Westminster Chapel in central London after World War II. For a variety of different reasons, after the war the church attendance declined throughout Europe. Amid this situation, Lloyd-Jones began preaching his extensive, theological and expository sermons and slowly the large auditorium [Westminster Chapel] was filled. The evening meetings folded in attending meetings of the morning, as people from all over London came with their non-Christian friends. I dare say that something happened to us also in New York over the past two decades, and in a rather similar context.  

So preaching still "works"-they will come, but it is important to note that the Doctor a couple of nuances in his statement. We will consider in the next entry.