Gospel in the City: Buenos Aires

This June 2-3, CTC staff and local leaders co-sponsored an event entitled  "Christ and the Transformation of the City," held at the Instituto Teológico FIET, a major seminary based in Buenos Aires. This event was two years in the making and proved an important step in CTC's partnership with the city-wide Pastoral Council and other church planters in Buenos Aires.  

35 pastors and leaders from different denominations and traditions were invited to hear presentations by Tim Keller, Terry Gyger and John Thomas, and to interact on themes such as a theological vision for the city, ministry contextualized to the city, and how the gospel could transform not just individuals but the city as a whole.  The event sparked a host of ideas for future learning, collaboration, and coalition building.

Historically much of the ministry in Buenos Aires and other major Latin American cities has been separated along theological or class lines, with perhaps 90% of ministry targeted to the lower classes. The Pastoral Council in Buenos Aires has already taken major steps forward in city-wide collaboration, starting with city-wide prayer and moving on to evangelism - an effort that has been recognized internationally by Lausanne and Christianity Today. We hope to participate in helping them find ways to do sustainable urban church planting in the city center, a financially and logistically difficult endeavor. 

Our thanks go to Dr. Norberto Saracco, Marcelo Robles, and Osni Ferreira for their help, coordination and sponsorship.


(Pictured above from left: CTC Director of Global Training John Thomas, Brazil movement leader Osni Ferreira, and Buenos Aires church planter Marcelo Robles.)