Preaching Hell in a Tolerant Age

The topics of hell, final judgment, and the Rapture have become prominent water cooler subjects recently.

A common reaction today is to reject the idea of hell entirely, stemming from a suspicion of moral absolutes or a denial of the possibility of final judgment. Some prominent Christian figures have predicted doomsday scenarios which have been widely covered (and ridiculed) in mass media. Depictions of hell become cartoonish and ever less believable.

The question becomes, how do we understand the biblical doctrine of hell in our scientific and secular culture?  Are we beyond believing such things? How do we contextualize this discussion in our churches so that these historic beliefs become relevant in our postmodern age?  

Zondervan has just released a new book called Is Hell for Real or Does Everyone Go To Heaven?  Contributors to the book include Albert Mohler, J. I. Packer, Robert Yarbrough, and Timothy Keller. Readers will find examples from several pastors and theologians to help equip them in engaging both the traditionalists and secularists that enter their church doors.

Tim Keller's chapter, "Preaching Hell in a Tolerant Age," is available for free download from our Resources section.  You can find other resources on Preaching there as well.