A New Church in Mexico City

After nearly two years of preparation, a new church has been planted in Mexico City—one of the largest cities in the world, and the largest in the Americas.

Victor Cruz, one of the participants in our 2009 International Intensive, was part of a church plant in Cuautla, Morelos before coming to the United States for further seminary training.  After completing a program in counseling at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology and working on a D.Min. at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Victor and his family moved last fall to their target neighborhood in Mexico City, called Condesa-Roma, a cosmopolitan neighborhood near downtown.

Planting a church involves a lot of preliminary work, such as raising support, finding office and worship space, meeting neighbors and finding a core group of people to help launch a church.  All of these can be more challenging in an economic downturn, and particularly in a country like Mexico, where many churches rely on the state or foreign missionaries for funding.  

Gary Watanabe, who formerly served as a missionary in Mexico City and now coaches church planters in Mexico and Asia, said, "There is a paradigm shift happening in the world of missions.  Whereas a generation ago the Protestant churches in Mexico would have depended a lot more on funding and staffing from the US, today, young church planters from Mexico are taking the lead in a more collaborative, entrepreneurial approach to planting a church in their own context."

For their inaugural service held this month, 120 attended, including friends and visitors.  The next service will take place on September 25th. 

Please pray for Mexico City and for an expansion of the movement of the gospel there. It faces the challenges of many global cities, including inequality, political unrest, rapidly changing social norms, and the global economic downturn.  For a complete statement of the vision, including how to support Victor and his family, visit www.redeemermexico.org.