Gospel Masculinity

[ This was originally posted on  Felipe's blog .  See also  Gospel Femininity  by Shari Thomas .]

Lately in some theological circles, the blogosphere has exploded in a war over gender roles. In my humble opinion, I think the discussion over the Internet has-been quite narrow in defining what it means to be masculine, and so misses the point. Here are a few observations I would like to make.

1. Gender matters.
If it did not, God created us all Would have genderless. Could I have, but I did not. It's an act of worship When one seeks to live out the original intent of the God's. Masculinity (or femininity for this matter) should be Sought after as part of God's calling for us.

Two. Objectivity is important.
To me it feels That Those Christians That outstretch to blur the gender lines, do so out of a genuine desire to reframe Christianity Most For Those That Have Been hurt by it. That's understandable, but you can not do this at the expense of Scriptural truth.

On the other hand, Those That outstretch to overemphasize it are doing so out of a genuine desire to reframe Christianity for Christians That Have Been infected by our culture's broken gender expressions. Equally understandable though, it's undeniable That They Can come across as sexist.

Three. Stop defining "masculinity" in terms of habits.
masculine There are plenty of guys That do not drink alcohol, do not hunt, do not watch sports fighting, do not drive pick up trucks, That are not married, and do not have sex That . The Bible is filled with Examples of what I'm talking about.

Besides, that's what religion does best, is not it-look at outward behavior rather than the heart? Here's a warning: to be overly practical matter In this May lead to legalism, moralism, and the oppression of Both women and "dudes" that do not conform to the current social Necessarily culturally religious norm.

April. . Masculinity is best defined in terms of essence
In other words: It's not what I do in order to be ... but, what I am in relation to what I was created to be.

"Servant-leadership" envelops the best concept of what lies at the essence of masculinity. These two words together are redemptive to the extremes in each of us, in our history, and in our cultures.

Here's why: Each of us has the natural bent towards either "servanthood" or "leadership", where turns into servanthood leadership cowardliness or turns into forms of dictatorship. This is due to sin, and Because this is true, we can not keep a perfect balance, I Feel That Both camps (currently arguing) are erring on one of the two extremes and that's why it sounds a little off to Either side When the other speaks.

I suggest we look more intently to Jesus-who was God incarnate as a male (can not disprove this) - and Whom have restored the servant-leadership balance That God had established in Adam since the beginning. At the core of masculinity, there lies the gospel in its boldness and humility perfect.