City to City February Highlights

It’s almost the end of February and a lot has been happening at City to City. 

This month Tim Keller shared some of his insights on preaching to the collective heart. He says, “there are many working definitions of ‘culture,’ but I think one of the best is that culture is a collective heart. It is a set of commanding commitments held and shared by a community of people.” 

And speaking of a community of people, Stephen Murray who is a church planter in Cape Town is starting something new for the people in his community. He’s rented out a coffee bar in the city and will hold discussions on the most common objections that people have to Christianity. He’s calling this gathering The Reason for God and his discussions are based on Tim Keller’s book and study guide of that name. These gatherings are part of the pre-launch phase of the church and a way to form relationships with non-believers.

If you’re interested in South Africa, Redeemer Presbyterian Church is taking a group on a short-term mission trip to Johannesburg this summer to visit our growing network of church plants there. They’re building the team now, so if you’re interested in going or supporting, you can get in touch with Christina for more details. 

If you’re not ready to go overseas but are looking to embark on a new venture where you live, consider attending the Entrepreneurship Initiative (Ei) Forum in April. Katherine Leary Alsdorf tells us how entrepreneurship can serve the city to bring about movement in exciting new ways, and also gives details on how to register for the Ei Forum. 

This month we’ve been reading The Atlantic and Huffington Post and we were pleasantly surprised to see that apparently they’ve been reading The Meaning of Marriage. Author Emily Timbol has even tweeted us to meet up for coffee the next time she visits New York. 

And if you’re still looking for more Tim Keller, you can now search 1,200 of his sermons by passage or topic through Logos Sermon Archive. Sermons from 1989-1993 are available immediately, and transcripts from 1994–1998, 1999–2004, 2004–2009, and 2010–2011 will be released in subsequent months.