City to City March Highlights

It’s almost the end of March and we wanted to update you on what’s been happening at City to City. 

This month, Tim Keller challenged us with his Questions for Sleepy and Nominal Christians. In describing what a revival would look like today, he says, “When sleepy and nominal Christians get revived, attractive and bold in their witness, people who would never have believed before begin to get converted.”

That’s not all we were challenged with this month. A couple of weeks ago Dr. Keller and Katherine Leary Alsdorf got together to talk about their recent book, Every Good Endeavor, at a Center for Faith & Work event, “Work: What Is It Good For?” (You can watch the entire talk here.) Tim reminded us that doing a job for the glory of God doesn’t always mean passing out tracts and evangelizing to your coworkers. It means doing your job well. “What does it mean to be a great Christian pilot? Land the plane!”

Although we’re all called to work for God’s glory, that certainly takes on different forms. On our blog this month, we heard from Pete Armstrong who is a church planter in New York City at Dwell Church. He shared his story of how managing a coffee shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan turned into a journey that eventually brought him to planting a church in lower Manhattan. You can read the rest of the story of how Dwell Church came to be, “A City Where God Dwells With Us - The Story of Dwell Church”.

And finally, please celebrate with us this Easter as new churches launch in Athens, Greece, South Boston, and Tribeca. Alex Pipilios and Tim Coomar - church planters in Athens - both completed City to City’s Church Planter International Intensive in New York in 2010 and 2011 respectively, and the church Exarcheia will hold its first service in the same city where the Apostle Paul preached against idolatry on his second missionary journey. More recently the neighborhood saw some violence as part of the riots in Greece. Please pray for new life to be found in Christ in both of these communities.