City to City April Highlights

April is our second busiest month of the year (see you soon September). With all that’s going on in the office, we’ve managed to recruit a couple of guest bloggers to keep the blog fresh and exciting. 

Pete Armstrong explores the history of the neighborhood where he’s planting a church. The Bowery is the oldest street in Manhattan. It was once a Native American foot trail and has since seen a long history of cultural clashes and change. As Pete says, “The gospel has something to say to both the penthouse and the flophouse in our neighborhood.” 

David Plant, director of Youth Ministries at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, writes about the “boomerang effect” seen in center city youth ministry.  Unlike suburban high school students who dream of going off to college and moving on, students who grow up in New York (and other center-cities) dream of going to college and moving back. David explores what a long term approach to youth ministry might look like. 

Our very own Tim Cox also shares some tips and general strategy on how to thoughtfully approach social media and content creation as a church plant. He narrows it down to five simple points: Don’t Spam, Be Deep, Delegate, Be Diverse and Track Data. The whole concept of Social can be scary to most church planters, but if you can delegate this to people who love to do it and care about your church, the result can be really beautiful. 

Finally, Gary Watanabe is working to train coaches to walk alongside church planters well after their churches are launched. Gary had such an incredible time leading coach training sessions in New York and Sydney that he decided to blog about it. Please pray for the coach training that has begun in Sydney and new programs we hope to launch later this year in New York and Latin America.