City to City Europe: Notes from Prague

From April 23-25, 2013, the network of churches called City to City Europe held its fifth meeting in Prague, Czech Republic. Over 200 church planters and leaders from about 60 different cities across Europe were in attendance. Our first such meeting in London 2005 had just 15. 

For two and a half days, attendees discussed the themes of having a gospel-driven church, gospel-centered community, and gospel-centered preaching, with a variety of breakout sessions on topics such as healthy church growth, the distinctives of urban church planting, and ministry in deprived areas. It was an encouraging time of fellowship among friends, both new and old, who are involved in the network. Many valuable connections were made, new relationships established and challenging ideas debated.

One of the highlights of the meeting was a testimony from René Breuel, a church planter in Rome who has been reaching the university crowd in a central part of the city. He talked about a young man in his congregation who had come to Christ and started to share the gospel with his classmates. René also gave a history of his church plant, sharing how he and his wife Sarah got involved in their community and have been leading people to Christ. You can listen to his talkhere

René’s story is just one example of how God has been at work in the cities of Europe, and stories like these are the reason why churches are being planted. To date, CTC Europe has been involved to some degree in over 75 church plants and mother churches, with dozens more churches that are affiliated in some way with the network. As the network expands, it becomes increasingly important that the gospel of Jesus Christ drives everything. Please pray that there will continue to be a spirit of unity and a passion for the gospel in these churches. 

As one participant from Amsterdam said after the meeting ended with communion: “We are one in Christ our Saviour!”

For audio, video, and papers from the meeting, please visit the City to City Europe website(registration required).