City to City May Highlights

Last month, four global city church planters posted insights into how the church can meet the spiritual needs of a city with the gospel applied to characterhappinessmotivation, and curiosity. Sounds like some great June weekend reading. Thanks, May!

This month, Tim Keller posted a follow-up blog, Blemishes in Christian Character, Part 2, to a previous post where he challenged us on common character flaws that often go unchecked. Tim warns us that “Our gifts and natural temperament are bound up with the idols that dominate any heart not filled with the gospel of grace.” 

Rome church planter Rene Breuel’s new ebook The Paradox of Happiness maps out how our understanding of happiness is our understanding of life and he ties it into his ministry in his latest post.

“All we need in order to do what needs to be done is to acknowledge what God is already doing.” Miami church planter Felipe Assis wants to fight stagnation with encouragement. Sometimes a lack of planning, lack of balance, and even lack of common sense can be draining, but most of the time we experience emptiness because we lack encouragement.

“Starting a church in New York City generates some strange looks and plenty of questions.” Prolific blogger and New York City church planter Peter Armstrong gets excited about the curiosity of his neighbors and explains how he uses questions as the foundation for evangelism. 

In real life, we were honored to have Kevin Palau, president of Luis Palau Association, and Sam Adams, former mayor of Portland, Oregon speak to over 200 NYC pastors and ministry leaders from different traditions throughout the Tri-state area. Through their unlikely partnership, these two leaders were able to connect area churches with struggling public schools for the benefit of the city.