Need leaders in your church? Start a youth group.

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When Kailash talks about the youth group he gets really excited. These teenagers were once children working on the streets of Lado Sarai, and now they're leading ministries at Dwaar.

But they're not just serving out of duty. You can guarantee that if it's your birthday, they're going to make you birthday cards and throw you a party. If you have been gone for a while, they'll make you a welcome back poster. These students make Dwaar feel like home. 

Kailash and Pooja Tayade being super serious.

Kailash and Pooja Tayade being super serious.

Kailash and Pooja Tayade moved to Delhi to start a church with Samir Deokuliar. Kailash worked for a private company and Pooja was a beautician. Pooja jumped right in to working at a beauty parlor, and Kailash started volunteering at the church. Pooja started inviting her clients to church, and some of the first believers at Dwaar were from the beauty parlor.

Kailash began working for Dwaar and started a youth group for elementary and middle schoolers in Lado Sarai, a village in South Delhi. As those students entered high school, they took over the elementary / middle school youth group and ran it themselves. 

In fact, if you visit the Satsang (traditional Hindi) service, many of the students will greet you as you arrive. At the Fusion service (both Hindi and English), there's a student running the slides and a couple helping with Dynamos, the children's ministry at Dwaar. These students are the future leaders of the church, and they're starting now.