Praying for Others is a Big Deal

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When I interviewed Summit and Preeti, my first question was: "How has Dwaar affected your family?" That was the only question I needed to ask.

For the next 20 minutes they shared about how their lives have changed through encountering the gospel at Dwaar.

A couple of things that stood out to me about their story:

Praying for a stranger is a revolutionary act
Summit grew up in another religion where you would pray for yourself and your children but never other people. When someone at Dwaar offered to pray for Summit, it "touched his heart."

Summit said, "I would never pray for someone else outside of my family, but when a stranger prays for you, you feel blessed and it fills you until you want to pray for someone else too."

You can pray to God whenever you want
Preeti talked about how frustrating it was to have certain days on which you had to pray to different gods. And when Summit and Preeti married, they had to pray on yet another schedule because they were married. 

But at Dwaar they learned that God lives in them and that they can pray whenever they want. 

You can meet with God wherever you are
Not only do you say prayers to certain gods on certain days, you must go to their shrine to offer those prayers. But when they heard that because of Jesus they can pray to one God whenever they want and wherever they want—well that was a game changer. 

"And now our children get to grow up in this," Preeti said. "We are giving them a foundation that is strong. They believe in something that truly helps them in their lives.

"We know that when we pray, Jesus is doing his work."