Jordan Rice, Starting a New Church in Harlem

Starting a church is a daunting task, and it would be almost insurmountable without the right training and resources. My time as a CTC Fellow and now in the Incubator cadre has been invaluable. I’ve benefited from the staff and team at CTC that all have actual experience on the practicalities and pitfalls of church planting. But even more, I’ve benefited greatly from the fellowship with other church planters. Together, we are learning from one another’s experiences and CTC has given us a safe place for difficult conversations.

CTC saved me from making some serious mistakes, encouraged me in moments of trial, and connected me with several amazing leaders in my field. Some of my closest friends are people that I’ve met through CTC.

Perhaps the greatest thing I have received from CTC is confidence. Although I was convinced of my calling into church planting, the partnership and training with CTC has given me even more confidence that I can accomplish what God calls me to do.