City to City Projects Progress Update

Way back in April, we launched a new website with something very special:  City to City Projects.

We created videos, blogs, and witty quotes, and you supported these new churches with prayer and renewable grants.

All of the churches have launched and each church was featured with one simple goal: raise $5,000 to help them get started. How's it going so far?

As of right now you've given $38,179 to the first 8 churches! 

In fact, Frankfurt, Delhi, Paris, and Brussels all blew past their $5,000 goals. 

The Bronx, Manhattan, Vancouver and Berlin still have more to raise. 

Each $5,000 grant helps a church lease a venue for worship, buy supplies for parenting classes, and do ministry in their neighborhood. And each church, as it grows, will give $5,000 to help start another new church in their city.