Planting in Northern Mexico

Editor's note: This report is from Jaime Jimenez, who was in our International Intensiveprogram in 2009. His church, the Iglesia Cristiana del Sur, is part of a growing church planting movement in Monterrey, Mexico.

God has been blessing us with gospel growth. It has been a great privilege to see people coming to faith in Christ or growing in their faith. By God’s grace this is the first church planting project in Monterrey that is completely coming out from one of our church plants, Encuentro con Dios. This is why we call it a “second generation” project. We started out with around 30 adults and 5 children, and now our regular attendance is about 50 adults plus 10 children.

A young lady who grew up as a cultural Catholic came to church a few months ago invited by one of her friends. After the service, she left in a hurry not allowing for the people of the church to welcome her. I assumed she didn't like the experience of being in a church like ours for the first time. To my surprise, that week she contacted her Christian friend and told her that she planned to keep coming.

After a couple of months, I was wondering how clear her understanding of the gospel was. So my wife and I invited her for a discipleship group where we studied the basics of the Christian faith. It was a great joy to listen to her tell us how salvation is offered to us only by grace through faith in Christ. Knowing her faith background it was a very exciting time. We thank God for bringing her into our church and for the work that He is doing in her heart.


Next month, trusting the Lord and considering our call, we are moving our services from the local seminary, where we've been blessed with very low rent, to a larger, more visible location at the Holiday Inn Parque Fundidora. The Parque Fundidora has become one of Monterrey’s landmarks and centers of recreation, holding a variety of cultural, sports and business events. It is approximately one mile from downtown, and is easily accessible by light rail or by several main avenues. The hotel’s personnel has been flexible enough to understand our current situation and needs and by God’s grace they have offered us a reduced price.

Please pray for us as we prepare to move and take on the additional rent. We want to be in a strategic location that will allow us to be in the heart of the city and be a light for the south of Monterrey. We will use some of our church savings to finance our first year, trusting that after a year the congregation will be providing enough to cover the rent. These savings represent what we have accumulated over the first six months apart from our missions and mercy savings, which we are not willing to compromise.

In Christ,
Jaime Jimenez