The Bronx is Divided by a Highway.


Bruckner Expressway over Bruckner Boulevard. 

You can live without a car in NYC and most people do. So I was a little surprised that we had to cross an eight lane highway as Rich was showing us around his neighborhood.

Hunts Point is cut off from the rest of the South Bronx by the Bruckner Expressway above and Bruckner Boulevard on the ground. Rich tells us that as soon as Robert Moses put down this highway Hunts Point was finished. It couldn't flourish. It was cut off.

So now Rich and Restoration Community Church spend their time as a bridge: crossing Bruckner to help out at The Point, pray for the neighborhood, and serve a community that has been isolated.

You can partner with Rich and Restoration Community Church and help them reach their goal of $5,000. 100% of your gift goes to this project.