A Reflection of Diversity

Pete hasn't always lived in The Bowery.

As time and opportunity played out, he and his wife Lily moved cross-country from Seattle to The Bowery to begin their ministry of sharing the gospel with New Yorkers. Upon their arrival, he was especially struck by two themes which always seemed to emerge when thinking about The Bowery: loneliness and economic disparity.  

Each Sunday at Dwell Church, Pete preaches to a congregation that reflects this diversity—men who were homeless a couple weeks prior, now living at the Bowery Mission, yet also, Ivy League graduates working on Wall Street. The disparity between the two groups is striking. Musicians and actresses move into new luxury apartments (across from the Bowery Mission) where a 2,000 square foot apartment costs $5.75 million. At the Bowery Mission, they sleep 90 men to a room. The one common denominator? The gospel has something to say to both the penthouse and the flophouse. We all need Jesus. And so do the people of The Bowery neighborhood.

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