Asking New Questions in Frankfurt


Frankfurt is a city that is young and awakened, full of energy. Although it’s relatively small at 700,000 in the center, its global influence is high. There are more millionaires in Frankfurt than in any other city in Europe. But if you visit by train, you have to walk right through the red light district to get downtown. It’s a place full of potential for the gospel.

Stephan Pues is planting Nordstern Kirche, launched in September 2013 in the north end of the city. When he and his wife, Verena, and family first thought about where they’d like to plant a new church, they kept coming back to Frankfurt. They moved in 2009 when Stephan was a pastoral intern, and they settled into Frankfurt with their core group.

Nordstern is a fifteen minute walk from downtown and outside the old wall of the city. Businesses are inside the old wall and citizens live on the outside. It is close to the center of third spaces: coffee shops, bars, clubs, and cafes. 50% of the neighborhood have a non-German background and could be classified as post-Materialist high performers.

The church's desire is to see the gospel affecting people in such a way that they start to ask new questions. The gospel has so much potential here - what if money was traded differently? People start their careers in Frankfurt - what if the gospel changed their lives at the beginning of their careers? These are questions Stephan is exploring with his church, and he is beginning to see the fruit.

You can partner with Stephan and Nordstern Kirche and help them reach their goal of $5,000. 100% of your gift goes to this project.