Heirs of a Legacy

What do two present-day church planters and two Belgian nobles from the 1500's have in common? 

When Belgium was still part of the Southern Netherlands, it experienced the first waves of the Protestant Reformation in the 1400's. People would convert to Calvinism and pillage the existing Catholic churches. This was known as the Calvinist revolt against the Spanish Inquisition. King Philip II of Spain slaughtered Protestant converts and burned whole towns, causing people to flee. in 1568, the head of Philip's army, the Duke of Alba, marched into Brussels and ordered the counts of Egmont and Horn decapitated in Grand Place. Egmont and Horn were Catholic nobles, loyal to the king but considered treasonous because of their tolerance of Protestantism. Today, they are memorialized in the Petit Sablon garden as heroes of the independence movement.  

Egmont and Horn

Egmont and Horn

"We feel that we are here to carry on their spirit and the legacy of the Reformation," said Esther, Olivier's wife. Although Matthieu and Olivier are not political leaders, they are trusting that God will use Église Protestante de la Cambre to make a difference in Brussels, triggering a new reformation to take place - a reformation of hearts. 

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