Planting a Church in a Complex City


Brussels is hard to pin down. The city is alive, full of distinct culture and history, with adventure waiting around every corner. In every neighborhood you can find delicious frites with all varieties of sauces, or a Belgian waffle stand serving piping hot waffles in paper pockets. Belgian chocolate and beer are always on hand to sate your desires. Tintin comic paintings decorate the sides of old buildings, popping up in unexpected places. In the old town square, Grand Place, guildhalls built by tradesmen centuries ago stand as landmarks in the beautiful city center, with the Town Hall as the cornerstone, still standing since the 1400's. Local Brusselites are proud of their culture, cuisine, and history.

Brussels is also a center of power, host to most of the European Union institutions, including the secondary but de facto seat of the European Parliament, as well as the European Council and European Commission. Delegates from all over Europe, and even beyond, make up a large part of the population on any given day. While the city is anchored by a long history, dating back to the 300's, it is navigating the future as the home of Europe's decision-makers. 

Matthieu loves Brussels' complex identity. This is what makes starting a church there so strategic and compelling. He hopes this will be the beginning of a movement, because it will take all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of Brusselites. 

You can partner with Matthieu and Église Protestante de la Cambre and help them reach their goal of $5,000. 100% of your gift goes to this project.