The Light of Jesus in the City of Lights

Paris evokes a range of images and emotions - love, romance, light, art, literature, history, sadness, war. It was the first major international city I visited many years ago, when my heart brimmed over at the taste of boeuf bourgignon and pain au chocolat, the majesty of endless blocks of white limestone, that certain je ne sais quoi. I discovered that Paris conforms to the imagination you attach to it. It’s a city of magic.

Visiting Samy and his wife Carol and friends in Paris, as they embark on a church planting adventure in the heart of the Latin Quarter, added a layer of perspective to my Paris yesterdays. I was not just a tourist or a consumer, but a witness to God's work.  As Samy uncovered the history of his neighborhood, ushering us down quaint streets and alleys, his passion for the people of this city prevailed. Samy regaled and moved us with stories of people he had met, and I began to see Parisians in a different light. Paris is a wonderful place; but most of all, it is full of people searching for meaning, and though it is a spiritually dark place, there is much hope through the good news of Christ.

We had the privilege of attending a service at Samy's church, Chapelle de Nesle, which meets underground at a theatre. My limited comprehension of the language did not obstruct my sense of God’s presence. In fact, it was enhanced. (I think Perryn felt the same way!) Singing hymns in French, hearing the gospel preached in French, and passing the communion cup to my French brothers and sisters brought tears to my eyes. I had studied the language, the culture, the literature, and the history, and possessed warm memories of several previous visits, but all of these disjointed experiences connected in that moment of praising God openly in this city where his name is not usually adored.

What a beautiful display of the Light of Jesus in the City of Lights - a body of believers, his people, worshiping as one.

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